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Why buy from

  • We understand Eucalyptus and can help you select the right Eucalypts for your requirements so that you achieve successful results.
  • Ideal for use with SUDS protocol and in coastal locations, Eucalyptus are climate change resistant super-trees
  • Our high quality trees have won many Gold and Silver Gilt awards at RHS shows
  • Grown from hardy seed selections in peat free compost and Air-Pot containers, for a hardy tree with a safe, stable root system
  • Follow up advice available on pruning and management
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Organisations we have supplied

We're thrilled to supply many types of businesses and organisations with eucalyptus...'

Zoo Parks and Gardens
Garden Designers
Holiday Parks and Villages
Landscape Architects
Landscape Contractors
Nurseries and Garden Centres
RHS Wisley Gardens
RHS Kew Gardens
Riding Schools
The National Trust
Theme Parks
Wildlife Parks
Flower Farmers and Cut Foliage Producers


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