Hessian Tree Tie

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Why use hessian tree tie? :
  • Young Eucalyptus do not have bark; they have periderm. This is a bit like orange peel and can be easily damaged, allowing fatal fungal diseases to enter the trunk. Support your new tree by gently wrapping the flat hessian around the tree trunk and then around the tree stake. See our notes on ‘How to Plant’ for a photograph.
  • Sold in lengths of 1m, sufficient to support one medium to large tree. Longer lengths available on request.
  • Price: £1- per metre length
  • If purchased separately without a tree – shipping costs are £3.00 per order
  • Free shipping when ordered with any tree or other sundry product
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  • From - £1.00

  • Tree belts can kill! Strange but true - traditional plastic or rubber have been known to cut through Eucalyptus trunks and are therefore not a good idea. We recommend environmentally friendly hessian tree ties; softer and less prone to causing damage. This product is recommended for any Eucalypt above the height of 1.2m (4ft) supplied in a 5 litre pot or larger

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