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Why use 'Afterplant'?:
  • Afterplant is a biologically active product: a careful blend of Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi and organic plant foods designed to improve your soil fertility. It helps the essential fungi and bacteria in the soil which stimulate healthy plant growth. Afterplant can be used to help new, establishing plants and is great when used in conjunction with Rootgrow at the time of planting. Afterplant can also be used to boost the vigour of more established plants, as well as coppiced and pollarded Eucalyptus that have never received Rootgrow at planting and trees that are old or ailing.
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  • From - £6.99

  • Harness the power of nature to enhance the growing conditions for your plants. Improve soil fertility for new and established plantings. Use with a wide range of trees and shrubs.Good if growing Eucalyptus for cut foliage.

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