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Good root fungi are essential for your Eucalypt’s survival. ‘Rootgrow’ mitigates soil pH and nutritional imbalance and gives your new Euc a great start in your garden. Vitally imp..

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Tree belts can kill! Strange but true - traditional plastic or rubber have been known to cut through Eucalyptus trunks and are therefore not a good idea. We recommend environmentally fr..

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Good nutrition is vital! A readily available source of soluble potassium helps do many things for your Euc. It helps towards protecting against frost damage by encouraging your tree to ..

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Essential reading for any keen amateur and professional flower farmer. How to grow manage and harvest Eucalyptus cut foliage profitably and without killing yourself (you don’t need a ..

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Harness the power of nature to enhance the growing conditions for your plants. Improve soil fertility for new and established plantings. Use with a wide range of trees and shrubs.Good i..

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Don’t destroy your roots! Resist the temptation to pot on into an ordinary pot and then plant them in the ground at a later date, because you will have destroyed their perfect radial..

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Wind shear, root rocking and socketing are a disaster for a young Eucalyptus and can lead to death. Supporting a specimen Eucalyptus, in the correct manner, for the first year of establ..